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Dolores County GIS and Addressing
Contact info:
Amber Fisher
Phone: (970) 677-2700

The Dolores County Re-Addressing Project will resume beginning the week of July 28th for the Southwest area of the county.  The area being readdressed includes east of Dove Creek up to CR 12 then Southwest along Cross Canyon.  This area will include Cedar, Bug, Squaw and McCloud Points.  Some County Roads in this area will be renamed also.  Address markers and road signs will be installed in the month of August.   After this area is readdressed and road sign and address markers have been installed, readdressing will continue to the Cahone area.  This is a county wide project and everyone will be receiving a reassigned address to maintain uniformity
Please direct any questions regarding the renaming of county roads to the Dolores County GIS/Addressing Office at 970-677-2700 or by email 


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Map of Re-Addressed Area

Data Collected

Fire hydrants, fire stations, driveway points-houses, barns, businesses; camping areas, and mile markers.

The county believes having these locations will help with emergency response.

Please contact the office if you need a new or changed address.

In order to get a new address you must complete a
driveway permit through our Commissioner's Office.

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